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Vs Arashi + Himitsu no Arashi chan 2010.11.25

Here we are, both episodes are pretty (very) LQ, but they were up so incredibly fast! and I actually saw other posts on the communities already...I'll post them anyway, because the more, the better, right? I'm going to look for better quality ones, anyway, so you might want to check again in a few hours... 
Found better videos, not HQ, but better...enjoy and comment!
Out of topic, but not so much: Happy Birthday Leader and Maru! ( it's actually still going to be the 25th for a few hours here, but since there's not going to be a post tomorrow, I'll just do it now. It's their birthday in Japan already, and that's what counts!:-P) I love it when everyone starts spamming with releases and stuff because it's a member's birthday <3

credits to 果てない空 , links found on tudou.com ( if you need the video links to download them feel free to ask, I'd wait for a bit better ones though, if I were you...)

VS Arashi


Himitsu no Arashi chan

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