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Arashi Ni Shiyagare + FNS Arashi Live 2010.12.04

 Hi minasan, how are you? did you miss me? I actually managed to come back a bit earlier than I thought, and I'm dead tired! How was your JLPT? mine was sooo easy I actually felt guilty about it...and a bit frustrated, I probably should have tried a higher level, I expected it to be a loot more difficult! and I guess I have to thank JE shows for a lot of reasons :-P 
and by the way, I stay away from the community for not even 24hrs and I manage to miss THE WORLD! anyway, sorry for being so late...

enjoy and comment!

Arashi ni Shiyagare MQ, but pretty decent, all things considered

credits to 果てない空, video found on tudou.com

And a little bonus! I know it's already been posted and subbed, but I still want to share it, since it's HQ <3

FNS Arashi Live

credits to sakuraiyu, videos found on tudou.com


Hatenai Sora

Love Rainbow

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