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Best Artist 2010

I've seen bits of it posted by a lot of people already, but I like to watch the whole show, when possible, so I decided to post it. It's three hours long, so it might take ages for it to buffer, but here it is, split in three parts...and since I'm here, I guess I'll post the little bits I found as well, in case you don't feel like watching it all...they're not in order of preference, but how I found them :-P anyone I missed? (please don't get offended by my little comments, if I didn't like them, I wouldn't post the videos, ok? it's just irony...)

is it only me, or the boys were all a bit too serious and gloomy? or maybe just tired?

Arashi entrance (doesn't MatsuJun's hair remind you of Grease?)

credits to xuanluxuan, videos found on tudou.com

Arashi Talk 

Arashi Medley (song choice WTF? but they did do Love Rainbow and Hatenai Sora on FNS...I guess they needed something danceable..)

Tokio ( because I like Sorafune and Nagase Tomoya's voice) 

credits to sodawari

Hey!Say!Jump! ( aka Yamada, Chinen and their backdancers) + Tackey and Tsubasa 

I have to say I don't dislike the new song though...Their GRAZIE ( or GURACCHE) is adorable...

credits to 睿希、

NEWS and KATTUN talk and NEWS Medley (HQ!) Somebody do something for PI! well, at least I guess the are singing live...Ryo looks  a bit gloomy though...

KATTUN Medley (aka Kame and his backdancers who got a little more chances to sing now that Jin is not there)

credits to sodawari

Best Artist part 1

credits to 果てない空

Best Artist part 2

Best Artist part 3

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