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VS Arashi + HImitsu no Arashi chan 2010.12.16 + Nino Tunnels

 I couldn't find anything yesterday, but finally here they are! VS Arashi (Freeter Promo) and Himitsu no Arashi chan ( confessions! Nino was soooo cute!) LQ but decent...

Plus Nino's appearance on Tunnels's show, on a corner called Kitana-toran ( something like that) where they try restaurants which seem dirty but are actually very good (and this one is HQ!)

enjoy and comment!

credits to 果てない空 for VS Arashi and Himitsu.

VS Arashi 

Himitsu no Arashi chan

Nino Kitana-toran (credits to xuanluxuan )

Tags: freeter, himitsu no arashi chan, nino, vs arashi

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