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Johnny's Countdown and Tozai Uta Gassen

I've been pretty busy with RL, so I did't even have the time to sit in front of my laptop, and when I come back I find my friends page spammed with Johnny's Countdown everywhere! I actually managed to watch it on youtube before going to dinner :-P 

I'm going to post it as well, for those who missed it, or can't download it, or for when youtube's videos will be cancelled...it's not HQ though, but watchable...

Plus Johnny's Tozai Uta Gassen, with Yamapi, KATTUN, Tackey and Tsubasa ( no Arashi, unfortunately) and a lot of cute juniors with sparkling costumes as always...enjoy!

credits to tsuyoshilove

Johnny's Countdown (hosted by Kinki Kids)

Johnny's Tozai Uta Gassen

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