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Nino Gantz promo on news 2011.01.28

Since today was the day of Gantz release ( I want to be in Japaaan!) yesterday Nino and MatsuKen appeared in about every news morning program with those sweet T-shirts with the other's face printed on. Did you see Nino's new haircut? I love it :-P 

I'm sorry for the delay but some of them had been posted already so I thought I could just wait for all of them to appear and then make one comprehensive post (most of them are pretty short anyway...)

plus Nino on Matsumoto Hitoshi's OO Story (again? no, it's a different segment) where he is in a bus with Miyazaki Daisuke.

credits to  GANTZstadium10-11(-.-;)

Zoom in Super



DON part 1

DON part 2

News Every

Matsumoto Hitoshi OO Story

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