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Bartender 4th episode MQ

 Finally! quite late today, I was starting to lose hope...but since I can't sleep, here I present  you, at this ungodly hour ( no, I wasn't waiting for it to come up, I swear :-P) the 4th episode of Bartender!

I won't post Music Station because many people have already ( some parts are alread SUBBED already! way to go girls!)  and the whole episode was actually quite boring, to be honest, with only three guests, basically all about Kuwata Keisuke's return after his illness...not much more of Arashi than you see in the clips. BTW, Am I the only one who can't stop giggling and feeling embarrassed for them everytime I watch them dance LOTUS? I actually like the song very much, but the coreography...for some reason I can't stop laughing :-P don't get mad at me, please! 

enough babbling, here it is ( will put a HQ one when I find it)

credits to  (-.-;)

Part 1 

Part 2

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