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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2011.03.19 HQ

 It took me a little bit more than usual to find it, but I'm already really really glad I did find it. Incredibly HQ, (tudou standard, of course, but still)

as I'm sure  you already know  (it's even been subbed already!) there is a very serious and heartbreaking message from the boys at the beginning ( they all look on the verge of crying, I felt like hugging all of them one by one, even MatsuJun...), probably because the show is clearly a really light hearted one ( and clearly shot before the quake) so they felt the need to say that the only way they have to help, is to show us the real Arashi. I'm glad they did. Then at the end they sang Hatenai Sora, and Kaibutsu kun gave his message to all the kids. Good move, he clearly has a lot of influence, right now, but it seriously made me feel like crying. How difficult must it have been for him to plaster a smile on his face and pull that off? Hats off, Leader.

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Arashi ni Shiyagare with Sato Ryuuta

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